Debunking On the internet Slot Jargon

Debunking Online Slot Jargon

Most technical on-line games come with a raft of particular terminology. For new players this can often be tough to penetrate and can lead to errors getting produced as players get to grips with both new game dynamics and their accompanying lingo.

On the web slots are no different. Fortunately for players of these games, significantly of the terminology is universal across all reel spinning titles. Even handy mobile games come with their fair share of jargon, and the faster that players get their head around it the far better.

Right here we break down some of the most critical online slot lingo so that players, regardless of whether a beginner or a casino professional, can jump straight into a game and be confident that they know the difference amongst a Scatter and a Wild.

Online slots terminology
Many on the internet games come with their really own set of terminology, which can be off putting to some gamers and intriguing for other people

Wilds and Sticky Wilds

Wilds are one of the most typical symbols located on the reels of online slots, and as such are usually depicted by a graphic upon which the word “Wild” seems.

The goal of a Wild is for it to assist a player make more winning combinations by acting as something of a joker – representing a whole host of other symbols and therefore rising the opportunity of on-line slot games dispensing their jackpots or giving access to their coveted bonus rounds and functions.

Sticky Wilds perform the same job within the on the internet slots that feature them, except that rather than disappearing right after 1 spin, they remain stuck to the reels, further enhancing the player’s chances of forming winning combinations.


Even though Wilds are all about garnering winnings within the base game of a certain slot title, Scatter symbols are more focused on gaining access to particular bonus features.

This means that they generally only appear on a particular quantity of reels, and are tough to nail down. In most games at least 3 require to appear simultaneously to trigger a bonus round or feature. There are even some games that demand players to collect Scatters in a progress bar, which upon becoming filled gives access to a hidden bonus round.

Cascading Reels

You may have seen the term “cascading reel” when perusing on-line slots, but what precisely does it imply? Effectively, a game that boasts cascading reels rather than common reels sees winning symbols explode or be removed from the grid, permitting fresh symbols to cascade down and take their spot. This keeps on taking place till no much more winning combinations can be made.

This gameplay feature was revolutionary when it very first came on the scene, as players marveled at the fact they could make several winning combinations with just 1 initial spin of the reels.

Gonzo's Quest online slot
Gonzo’s Quest – one particular of the most common slots featuring a cascading reels game program


Most games are rated by some thing called “volatility”, a term that created its way from economics into on-line casinos. What it refers to in practice is the balance a game tends to make in between irregular but huge payouts or typical but smaller payouts. A higher volatility game refers to the former and a low volatility game, the latter. 1 is not much better or worse than the other, as it just depends what sort of gaming knowledge a player is looking for.


Multipliers can be the distinction in between a winning mixture delivering a pittance or large returns. This is because they really literally multiply the value of any potential winning mixture. They also can function within bonus rounds.

Bonus Round

Most on the web slots will have at least 1 bonus round or particular feature, by means of which a player stands a chance of winning the game’s most significant prizes.

These are generally accessed by a player collecting a particular amount of scatter symbols. Bonus rounds can also be extremely innovative, with their gameplay dynamics drastically varying from one game to the next.


Slots are frequently advertised as possessing a certain number of “ways to win” and this relates straight to paylines. These are the invisible lines that run across a game’s grid and make a decision how significantly a winning mixture of symbols is worth. The a lot more paylines a game has, in theory it must imply that it gives a player more ways to win.

What now?

Right after learning these basic guidelines on the primary terms utilised in on-line slots, it really is time to take action. Choose from a multitude of cost-free games, and practice on this page.

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